What is the Legal Status of CBD and Can I Travel with It (2019)?

What is the legal status of CBD in 2019? Can I travel with it? CBD’s have become widely popular in recent times. However, questions still remain about their legality, despite the passing of the Farm Bill in December 2018, which has made hemp-derived CBD’s legal federally, and thus legal in all 50 states.

CBD was once considered illegal because it is a byproduct of the cannabis plant which also produces THC a psychoactive compound, found in marijuana. Unlike marijuana, which is bred to have a high level of THC, CBD that is derived from hemp has less than .3% THC in it. That means it is not psychoactive. This is the main reason why the Farm Bill legalizing hemp CBD was finally enacted – with Congress and President Trump overwhelmingly realizing that hemp CBD offers great benefits, and without the side effects associated with THC. The new legislation is a milestone that makes it easier for those who rely on CBD to take full advantage of the benefits it provides.

CBD and Traveling

Now that Hemp CBD has been legalized in the US, the impact is being felt in many areas – and it’s especially welcome news for travelers. Just this past Memorial Day weekend, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has reversed its regulations regarding traveling with CBD’s. In the past, they considered it illegal to fly with any sort of cannabis. Now, they have quietly changed their regulations to begin allowing passengers to carry certain forms of CBD onto planes.

CBD Traveling

Travelers aren’t the only ones benefiting from this increased recognition of the legality of hemp CBD’s. Many financial institutions are allowing credit card use for hemp-based CBD companies. CBD’s themselves are being sold now in an ever increasing number of locations – both online and in stores, even including major retailers like Dillards, Urban Outfitters and Earthbound Trading.

Although CBD is now legalized, with a fast growing market – and big demand – new players are continually introducing CBD products. As a consumer, when you shop for CBD products, make sure that the CBD you purchase has been verified for purity and potency. Look for companies that have a solid, long-standing reputation, and for products that have been third-party tested to verify the amount of CBD in the products, and the lack of THC.

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